Sunday, February 8, 2009


Whenever attempting to make a purchase, be it something small like a movie or album, or a large purchase such as a home or car, value is important to everyone. The weight given to certain attributes is where values can change. When buying a car some people might want the best gas mileage possible, others may want safety or speed. The point is that there are many different ways to assign value to something. For myself when I think value I think of the quality of the product I am buying.

Clothing is no different. You get what you pay for. Buying an expensive pair of jeans has a very different feel to it than buying a cheaper pair. For my money the best value out there for jeans lies in True Religion. They are a brand that focuses much attention on style, fit and comfort. Wearing a pair of their jeans is vastly different than putting on a pair of Levi's. The look of True Religion is so different and recognizable that they will never be mistaken for a cheap pair; they fit differently and look distinctive.

The comfort, ho
wever, may be the biggest difference. When putting on a pair of regular $25 or $30 jeans they feel like denim. When puttingon a $60 to $80 pair they fell good and comfortable. But when wearing on a pair of $200 True Religion or another brand such as Coogi, they feel like a comfortable pair of pajamas more than a pair of denim jeans. Then there is the wear and tear. Many times jeans will fray and wear thin, but that is not the case with the upper end styles. They will last for as long as owned. The costs end up being much closer when factoring this in. Over a 10-year period purchasing a pair of $30 Levi's every two years would cost $120 dollars, and oftentimes those Levi's won't even last that long in good, wearable condition, costing even more. For a slightly larger price tag, the bother of having to make multiple purchases is avoided, there is a greater level of comfort and most certainly a noticeably better look.

The same ideas persist throughout the higher end brands. In shirts the look is even more noticeable than the jeans: Monarchy, Roar, Affliction and Ed Hardy amongst others are all instantly recognizable styles. They are all of the highest design and best looking pieces of clothing that a look can make use of. These clothes fit incredibly well. The look of these brands are distinctive and will stand out in a positive way. The price tag associated with them is a reflection of the work required to create them and the higher quality of the material.

And isn't that the goal. Getting noticed in a positive manner is what everyone is looking for when getting dressed to go out. When going out to the club or for a night out with friends, the first obstacle to getting attention is being noticed. And getting noticed is much easier when looking good than when looking average. And while spending less may seem appealing, the quality and look cannot be matched by bargain brands. And in the long run the higher initial investment pays for itself.

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