Friday, February 6, 2009


In this blog I hope to help give an overview of the styles and trends and that are shaping the world of men's fashion today. While there are numerous styles and designers out there my focus will be on upper end, more casual clothing.

There is some truth in the statement that you feel how you look. Looking good and feeling good are oftentimes related, one of the reasons that so many people spend so much time at the gym, or worrying about what they eat, is that everyone want to feel good about themselves. The way that we dress is an extension of this mindset. In my experience one of the major obstacles to looking good is time. Hopefully the information and advice that I give can help lower the time spent to create that look that makes you feel good about yourself.

I will be going over different looks and different designers throughout the course of my writings. Some of what I say will be based on my experiences and opinions, and some of what I say will be based on numbers. All of it will be done with the mindset of helping and making you more aware of your options when it comes to what to wear.

Over the next couple of postings I hope to go over some brands that are keys to a fashionable look, as well as what the differences are between higher end items and lower end. There is some reason to all of this beyond pure profit and I hope to explain in detail what the difference is in my next posting.

I will try to post once a week, scheduling permitted and always welcome comments and feedback. Thanks for all your time and attenti

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  1. Excellent. Putting your talents to work I see. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.