Tuesday, March 10, 2009


There is a basic list of brands that make up the higher end of men's casual fashion. I've already mentioned a couple of the brands in True Religion jeans and Monarchy in reference to shirts. Today I am merely going to list some of these brands. The lists that I am giving are going to be be divided into jeans, T-shirts (long and short sleeve), and button-ups. These lists are by no means exhaustive or comprehensive but are meant to be a good starting point for a fashionable look. In the future I will go into more detail on the specific brands that I mention.

Let me start with jeans. Obviously True Religion, but some others are 7 For All Mankind, Five Four, Taverniti, and William Rast to name a few.
For t-shirts a good place to start is Monarchy, but also brands such as Salvage, Affliction, Sanctify, Amari Avera, Black Hearts Brigade, Division E, Request, and more.
Button-ups often overlap t-shirts as far as brands go, but some unmentioned ones so far Roar, Artine, AT Collins, and 7 Diamonds.

This list is far from comprehensive and doesn't even begin to cover things like hats that can add a personal touch. What this list is though is a good jumping off point when trying to find some items to add to your look that have a distinctness and a style to them.

On a side note, sorry for the long delay between postings I hope to avoid such lengthy layoffs in the future. As always feedback is appreciated.

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